Essential Oils Basics

What are essential oils?

Pure extracts from plants
* Nature’s natural defence mechanism for plants and cells
* Used anciently and throughout history for religious ceremonies and health benefits

Why doTERRA essential oils?

* Plants are grown and harvested in their natural environment
* Each batch goes under multiple third-party tests for purity
* Only company that carries the standard CPTG- Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade
* They are safe, effective and affordable working out to be only cents per drop at a time!

How to use essential oils?

1) Aromatically (a diffuser, a drop in your palms, on a pillow, on your clothes or even on your child’s favourite teddy bear)
2) Topically ( diluted safely with a carrier oil for the needs of your home and made up in either your palms, a rollerball, a spritzer or a ceramic bowl
3) Internally ( used for flavouring purposes, or taken to support concerns via a fill your own capsule, in water or even milk)

Peppermint = invigorating!

Great for tummy troubles, tension in the head area or when you are feeling warm and want to cool down! Spiders, ants and other creepy crawlies hate it so it’s a great repellent. And it’s delish in chocolate and other deserts!

Lemon = cleansing!

Add a drop to your water for a gentle detox,
Diffuse to clean the air or uplift your mood (especially with peppermint). Replace commercial sprays with lemon and water to clean your countertops. Add it to bicarb and vinegar for the shiniest sink ever.

Lavender = calming!

Diffuse to create a calm atmosphere.
Apply to burns, bites etc to calm and help the skin heal.
Mix with bicarb and use as a natural shake and vac over mats, couches, mattresses and in smelly shoes!

Tea Tree = cleaning!

Use it as an antibacterial spray with water over counters, toilets etc.
Apply to the back of the ear to support occasional ear discomfort.
Use to clean wounds (and it doesn’t sting like other products).
Great for pimples too and doesn’t leave a crater on your face!!

Frankincense = everything!!

When in doubt use frankincense! Magic magic oil!
Fabulous for wrinkles so add to your moisturiser.
Pop under the tongue to support the body’s natural inflammatory response (google frankincense and any chronic health condition for more information)

Add a drop on the top of the mouth for occasional head tension. You can add this little beauty to any other oil to enhance it’s properties

Easy Air = Respiratory Support!!

Diffuse whenever your respiratory system is compromised.
Apply to the chest and feet also.
And apply to the big toe or under the nose for snorers.

Digestzen = Tummy Support!!

Support for any type of tummy trouble
When you eat too much and feel blah
If you or your kids are constipated then this is your oil!

Ice Blue = Muscles!!!

Not just muscles but think pain in muscles or joints either from a condition or after you have been to the gym.
It doesn’t burn so great for kids when diluted especially if they are suffering growing pains.

On Guard = Germies!!!

Diffuse this to help with any germs lurking around!
Or apply to the bottom of the feet to help support the immune system or when people are not well.
Great to clean the toilets with as the clove in it repeals boy pee smell!!

Oregano = Powerhouse!!

This comes out when we are sick as it’s powerful…on the feet with OnGuard You can also diffuse with OnGuard.
Great one for warts too!
And you can add it in your Italian cooking but only one drop…strong!

Check out full explanation in my video below 10 Oils in 10 Minutes